New Almaden Imperial Red Ale

New Almaden Red Imperial Red Ale

New Almaden Red pours an exquisite cinnabar color. It is brewed with a combination of pale and crystal malts to create a complex malt profile, while copious amounts of hops are added to balance the malt sweetness and create a piney, citrusy aroma and flavor. Enjoy!

The New Almaden quicksilver mine in the Capitancillas range is the oldest and most productive quicksilver (i.e. mercury) mine in the United States. The site was known for its cinnabar, a bright red mercury ore, that was used by the Ohlone people for paint. The New Almaden Mines – established in 1847 and named for the world famous mines of Almaden, Spain – were once the richest mercury mines in North America.

Mercury was refined from cinnabar, a reddish rock found in the hills at New Almaden. Crushing and then roasting the rock extracted the mercury, which was used during the great California Gold Rush to extract the valuable metal from its ore. New Almaden mercury was used in sluice boxes during the California Gold Rush to amalgamate with gold. Between 1850 and 1875, miners extracted a total of 46 million pounds of liquid mercury from ore taken from the new Almaden Mines.

10% ABV, 95 IBUs