Electric Tower IPA pours out a clear gold color with an off-white colored head. The aroma is a pleasant mix of citrus and pine notes with a slightly dank undertone. The flavor is of toasted malts with orange-like citrus notes, some pine resin, and a hop bitterness that softly lingers in the back of the tongue. This medium bodied beer finished dry and has a carbonation level that prickles the upper lip.

San José’s Electric Light Tower was the inspiration of J.J. Owen, editor of the San José Mercury. On May 13, 1881, Owen printed an editorial suggesting that by providing one high and immense source of arc light, the night would become as day for the downtown area. On June 11, 1881, San José citizens enthusiastically approved the $4,000 tower. Construction began that August and completed on December 13, 1881. The gigantic, 237-foot tower, counting a 30 foot flagpole straddled the intersection of Santa Clara and Market Streets. A platform at the top of the tower was home for six carbon arc lamps protected by an overhead reflecting shield. Each lamp produced 4,000 candle power of light – 24,000 candle power total. The tower proved to be more spectacular than practical, since its 24,000 candlepower failed to sufficiently light the area. Ducks crashed into the tower and plummeted to the street below. Some say the fowl were drawn to the bright lights – like moths. Cops favored “the Tower Beat” because ducks could be recovered and sold to local eateries. Another hazard was the proximity of the tower to saloons. On Saturday nights, liquored-up San Joséans tried to climb the tower. Although the tower did not fulfill its original purpose, it represented progress to the people of San José because electricity was a relatively new source of power. It became one of San José’s “national known” landmarks. Legend says that the designer of Paris’ Eiffel Tower visited San José’s Electric Light Tower when seeking ideas. Already damaged by a windstorm in February 1915, the tower completely collapsed into the street at 11:55 a.m on December 3rd of that year. The tower telescoped into itself and no one was hurt. The Electric Light Tower standing on the History park grounds is a replica of the original structure. Rising 115 feet, this tower has been scaled to fit the Park street.

7.1% ABV, 65 IBUs